Top Soil from Dirt for

At Hart Excavating, we sell screened topsoil by the truck load (ton or 15 yards). Our topsoil contains the highest concentration of organic matter and nutrients which are great for plants and trees. Order topsoil to improve and level bare spots in your lawn, to nourish new flower and vegetable gardens, to polish your landscaping, or to add in soil mixes for containers and raised beds.

Quality Screened Topsoil

Top soil should not be too sandy. A good composition of the soil provides resistance to compaction and allows for better water and oxygen filtration. Good topsoil is half soil, one quarter air and one quarter water. Adding organic material can increase the soil's water capacity.

Available for Delivery

When purchasing topsoil, there should be enough topsoil to cover your planting area 3 to 6 inches deep. You will need 3 cubic yards of topsoil to cover 1000 square feet to a depth of 1 inch OR one cubic yard to cover an area about 8 by 8 feet wide by 4 inches deep.

Curb Appeal

Any realtor can tell you how important a healthy yard is to potential buyers. It is the house's first impression to buyers and can make or break a sale.

1 Cubic Yard covers:

324 sq. ft. at 1" depth
162 sq. ft. at 2" depth
108 sq. ft. at 3" depth
81 sq. ft. at 4" depth
65 sq. ft. at 5" depth
54 sq. ft. at 6" depth

Don't Forget to Prepare for our Dumptruck....

If dumping topsoil on a driveway consider putting down a tarp first. If dumping the topsoil load onto grass, plan to spread the soil within a week to avoid killing your grass.