Land Clearing

Just Purchased Raw Land? Hart Excavating to the Rescue

Clearing land to build a new home is a much larger and more complicated process than most people consider. Save yourself the stress and headaches involved in this major endeavor and give Hart Excavating a call at (888) DIRT-4-U-1. Preparing to build on raw land may require services like excavation, grading, vegetation management, brush cutting, tree shredding and even mulching - we will handle it all.

Safety is Priority #1

Land clearing is a large scale project involving heavy equipment and many safety requirements. Hart Excavating can clear the land safer and faster than the average person - We do this for a living! Whether you choose Hart or not, tree cutting is an extremely dangerous process and should always be done by a professional. But when you choose Hart Excavating, we have the sophisticated equipment to simultaneously knock your trees down and remove the stumps making it a faster and less messy process than most traditional tree cutting services.

We Remember inground Hazards

We always remember the inground hazards, such as septic systems. We make certain septic systems and other hazards do not get run over or compacted into the ground with the equipment. Our years of experience help you to avoid the disastrous results that can occur during land clearing.


Going Green to Cut Costs

Hart factors in the value of raw timber harvested from land clearing. The stumps and brush we remove are ground into mulch while logs are sold for a variety of purposes including saw logs, firewood or even pulp wood for paper! Please consider that our payment is figured into the cost of clearing the lot.

Avoid Rental Fees

Doing it yourself costs hourly equipment rentals and will end up costing you more in the end. Don't rent expensive equipment that you're not trained to use! You could become a danger to yourself and others. Hart Excavating has all the right equipment needed to see a professional job well-done! Don't make the mistake of renting or over-paying for land clearing equipment, call the fast and friendly professionals at Hart!

State/Local Regulations

Some homeowners associations and towns require notification and/or permission of tree removal. State and local governments have regulations on land clearing including tree ordinances, timber permits, burning, composting, and handling organic material. Be sure to check with your local government and associations before beginning your land clearing process.

Debris Removal

From trees to stumps and even trash, we use our own equipment to haul and dispose of all debris properly according to local and State regulations, leaving you with the land you want

Site Preparation

Once cleared, we will also assist you in rough grading your land. We can supply you with the proper fill dirt, rocks, mulch, topsoil or other materials you may need. Please read more about our site work.

Professional Equipment

Hart Excavating has all the right equipment needed for professional land clearing. We typically will use an excavator, bull dozer, and skid steer loader as well as dumpsters.

Rates vary from job to job, so please contact us to make an appointment to review your parcel. Call us for more details!